The latest news is that Powys County Council are ploughing ahead with their idea of closing John Beddoes School and putting it under the control of Newtown High School, 30 miles away over hilly country roads. But they can still be made to think again.

Now the request- please write a letter, telling them they have got this wrong, and that John Beddoes School can be a going concern in its own right. The head of Newtown High School, who’s currently helping John Beddoes, recently went on the record as saying that it will not take long to turn the school around, as it has so many excellent features. If you felt like mentioning the rushed, hasty, undemocratic “consultation” undertaken by Powys County Council, in which they didn’t bother to talk to the pupils’ School Council, and in which they didn’t consider any options other than the takeover, and the fact that nowhere in the world is there a school run by a single head teacher over 2 sites 30 miles apart, that would be fine!

We aren’t asking you to send us money – but we are asking if you could print out your letter and post it. We’ve not asked for any funds from our supporters, because this is not a financial issue, it’s an issue of democracy. But if you could find 50p to buy a stamp, and put your letter in an envelope, it would make all the difference.

Please address your letter to:

Jeremy Patterson

Chief Executive

Powys County Council

County Hall

Llandrindod Wells



If you’re looking for inspiration for relevant points to make in your letter, or for any further information, there is plenty on our website:  https://friendsofjohnbeddoesschool.wordpress.com/protest-letters/

 Letters need to arrive by 19th July 2013 at the latest.

Once again, thank you so much. Our local community, in one of the poorest rural areas of the UK, really needs and values your support.

Friends of John Beddoes School