Here are a list of bullet points for writing objection letters. We are hoping that this will give people an idea of what to say and hopefully encourages you to get writing to the Chief Executive of Powys County Council during the month that the “statutory objection” period lasts.

Obviously personalise it so you’ve got your own details – parent/pupil/ past pupil/ community member etc.

The deadline for responses to the Chief Executive of Powys CC is the 19th July

Please send your letter (not email) to:
Jeremy Patterson, Chief Executive, Powys County Council,
County Hall, Llandrindod Wells,  LD1 5LG 

– Our community cares very much about its school

– Delighted with  plan to use the LEPS to allow Newtown High School’s excellent leadership team to turn  school round

– Cannot understand why Powys CC are not allowing scheme to work

– A split site school 33 miles apart is unprecedented and unsustainable in the long term

– John Beddoes will in effect be a school without a head or subject and pastoral leaders on the premises for much of the time

– Please support the community of East Radnorshire in its desire to retain John Beddoes school with its own governing body and head

– Officers from SWAMWAC ( have said how much is changing already and how many good teachers there are in the school.

– Mrs Pryce, Newtown Head who is currently helping John Beddoes, has said that John Beddoes has the potential to be a very good school and that it will not take so long to turn the school around as it took Newtown when they were found by ESTYN to have serious weaknesses  a few years ago.

– Parents are beginning to look at the school again, thanks to the input from Newtown

– But they want to know that its long term future is secure – which it cannot be without a governing body or head

– Let us put the past behind us and work together to make John Beddoes a really good school again as it was for many years in the recent past.

– Let’s stop our Welsh children going to English schools

– Please respect the democratic wish of our community to control its own destiny

– This extraordinary plan was sprung on the community with threats of closure if we did not accept it, with no previous consultation and with only four weeks to respond.