I am a former pupil of John Beddoes school in Presteigne. The school served me very well – from its sixth form I went to Oxford, and I am now doing a PhD in philosophy. I was so lucky to have such a school on my doorstep, both for the academic education it gave me, and because it helped to knit together our community, making Presteigne a very friendly and supportive place to be. 

I understand that in the few years since I left the school there has been poor leadership from the managing body, which has led to a decline in reults at the school. However, I know that thanks to your Lead and Emerging Partnership Scheme (LEPS) the school is already improving. This is very welcome, but such improvements will not continue if the school is  deprived of its headteacher and governing body, rather than being allowed to stand on its own again. 

It is absolutely essential that the school continue to be run from within the community it serves. This is what has always made it such a successful and supportive school, and this is what binds our community together. If the governing body and the head are in Newtown (a town, incidentally, that I have never been to in all my years in the area), then the community will fall apart.

I hope that you will listen to the views of our community and keep our school open. 

Yours sincerely, 

Clara P