I am registering my unhappiness about the plans that are in store for our school. I am a resident of Presteigne, and , although I have no children of my own , I feel very strongly that a town the size of Presteigne (which used to be the county town of Radnorshire) should have both a primary and secondary school for the benefit of its children.
 The current government keeps banging on about community and resilience , yet I see no sign of this in action from our county council. The next generation are our only hope for a sustainable future and it is vital that they develop strong community ties with their local tow . Sending children out on a two hour return journey on dangerous roads is utter madness (if only in terms of the carbon footprint this creates uneccessarily.
 Having listened to the arguments, I have drawn the conclusion that Powys have utterly failed in their duty to support John Beddoes when there was a weak headmaster in place – they have failed also to follow disciplinary procedures and are now taking the easy option.
All the school needs in order to regain its former status as an inspiring centre of education is to give it a helping hand in this transitionary period and then install a motivating and dedicated head. Simple !
Lin S